About US

CoolSkills, Ltd. is a dynamic company that includes a High-Level Computing Department specializing in Microsoft technologies; with over 25 years of experience, CoolSkills provides the best possible service in extremely competitive times, focusing on quality, reliability and robustness of the solutions. The services offered are mainly for Businesses Consulting:

  1. Design
  2. Architecture
  3. Deployment
  4. Implementation
  5. Training
  6. Documentation

The Services Department offers a full range of essential services through more than 50 franchises in over 23 Countries:

  1. Wireless Services
  2. Phone Services
  3. HD Video Phone
  4. High Speed Internet
  5. Energy and Natural Gas
  6. Computer Support
  7. Satellite TV & IPTV
  8. Home Security and Automation
  9. Mobile Calling Apps
  10. ...And Much More...

For Residential and Business

Simply Cool!


Founder and CEO

Adriano Palmieri is the founder and CEO of CoolSkills, Ltd. and he was born in San Giovanni Valdarno (AR) in Italy, the August 2, 1967; a small village, very dynamic, which gave birth to figures such as the painter Masaccio.

He is interested in technology since he was only 9 years old (in 1976) and when he receives a Sinclair ZX Spectrum as a gift from one of his brothers, he actually begins his adventure and the first lines of native code (Assembler) and Basic are written. At 12 years old he creates and publishes a working copy of the game "Snake", entirely in binary code, on a specialized magazine in the UK.

He graduates in "Electronics" in 1986 but as he is guided by his passion for computer science, he begins to help the brothers in a computer adventure that still today is operating at full speed.

He specializes in "Leading Technologies" with preference to the Microsoft world (hence possesses several certifications), knows very well the financial world and participates in numerous software development processes with different roles and this guarantees over 27 years of experience with extremely low resolution times and delivery of projects in time. He covers many roles, just to name a few, such as programmer, Analyst, Team Leader, Software Architect, Network Systems Expert and uses various systems like Windows, Linux, Unix, Sinix and Mobile OS; this guarantees an almost complete coverage in cases of integration.

He moves to Canada in 2004 during the making of the game "Interconnected Bingo" (same principle of Bingo links) in collaboration with CBN Canada and OLG; He currently lives in Pickering (ON) in a beautiful home with his beautiful family that includes 2 adorable children, the wonderful and really patient wife and his irreplaceable mother in law; he now continues his activity of contracts with most major Canadian financial institution.

Lately is expanding into the challenging and exciting world of "Essential Services" including telecommunications, technology, energy and finance.

Highly dynamic, Adriano loves to surround himself with good people and he is determined to do what it is necessary to continuously elevate his and his family standard of living as well as the one for the people around him.